Spring 2019 (provisional)

Note: This schedule is subject to change and should be used only as a rough guide.

Lower-division undergraduate courses

These courses have no prerequisites.

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
R1B Reading and Composition Through Philosophy STAFF TuTh 2-2:30 TBA
2 Individual Morality & Social Justice Wallace MWF 10-11 TBA
3 The Nature of Mind Campbell MWF 9-10 TBA
12A Introduction to Logic Holliday TuTh 11-12:30 TBA
25B Modern Philosophy Primus MWF 12-1 TBA
98BC-1 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA
98BC-2 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA

Upper-division undergraduate courses

Students enrolling in these courses should have completed at least 8 units in philosophy. Some courses may have additional prerequisites: check the course descriptions for details.

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
100 Philosophical Methods Dasgupta Tu 3-5 TBA
107 Moral Psychology Shun MWF 3-4 TBA
115 Political Philosophy Sluga TuTh 9:30-11 TBA
122 Theory of Knowledge Holliday TuTh 2-3:30 TBA
125 Metaphysics Dasgupta TuTh 12:30-2 TBA
133 Philosophy of Language Ginsborg MWF 2-3 TBA
140B Intermediate Logic Mancosu TuTh 9:30-11 TBA
142 Philosophical Logic MacFarlane TuTh 12:30-2 TBA
161 Aristotle Clarke TuTh 11-12:30 TBA
173 Leibniz Crockett MWF 11-12 TBA
184 Nietzsche Kaiser MW 6:30-8 TBA
190 Proseminar Crockett MW 5-6:30 TBA
196 Senior Seminar Kolodny M 12-2 TBA
198BC-1 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA
198BC-2 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA
198BC-3 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA
198BC-4 Berkeley Connect STAFF TBA TBA

Graduate seminars

Graduate seminars are intended primarily for graduate students in Philosophy and in Logic and the Methodology of Science. Others who wish to enroll should seek the instructor's permission.

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-1 Graduate Seminar Long Th 2-4 TBA
290-2 Graduate Seminar Noƫ W 2-4 TBA
290-3 Graduate Seminar Sluga/Mancosu Tu 4-6 TBA
290-4 Graduate Seminar Warren W 4-6 TBA
290-5 Graduate Seminar Kolodny F 3-5 TBA
295 Dissertation Seminar Warren TBA TBA

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